Photographs from our project, Sądecka Crown in 3D, in Polish nation-wide TV

In the latest 85th episode of the series “Którędy po sztukę?” (“Which way to get art?”), made by Polish nation-wide TV, TVP Kultura (Culture), a few images taken for the needs of the project Sądecka Crown in 3D (PL: Korona Sądecka w 3D) were published. The episode is devoted to the most famous Polish medieval sculpture – The Madonna of Krużlowa.

The episode can be viewed at:,odc-85-madonna-z-kruzlowej,44581735

Sądecka Crown in 3D (Korona Sądecka w 3D) project included historic churches & landscape photographs, 3D panoramas as well as virtual tours from 3 municipalities in Southern Poland: Grybów, Chełmiec and Kamionka Wielka. The project was commissioned at the end of 2012, but it still fulfills its role by providing a source of information on cultural heritage of Sądecczyzna – region of the Lesser Poland. Its individual elements were frequently visited by users from around the world, and even used in classes at schools and colleges (e.g. Poland, Lithuania, UK, USA, Canada).

It is all a good news. The more that in fact the project was implemented as a civic initiative, not an institutional one.